Welcome to IGWEB, the Isomorphic Go Web Application Demo

If you thought programming in Go was fun on the server-side, wait till you see what you can do with Go, in your web browser! This demo website was built using Isomorphic Go. You can learn how to build this website, step by step, by reading the Isomorphic Go book. The source code for the entire website is available on Github, and is BSD licensed.

Isomorphic Go allows you to build modern, isomorphic web applications using the Go programming language and GopherJS. Building isomorphic web applications can be a complex undertaking. Isomorphic Go smoothens out the process, by allowing you to re-use Go code, across the back-end, and the front-end.

Having a unified Go codebase, eliminates the mental cognitive shift that is experienced when juggling between two different programming languages (such as having Go on the server-side and JavaScript on the client-side). Type checking in Go, allows you to catch many bugs early on in the development process. Perhaps, the most important payoff of implementing an Isomorphic Go web application, is the quantifiable, enhanced user experience, that you will be able to deliver to your customers.

What time is it in the world? It's Isomorphic Go Time!

Go on the Front-End with GopherJS

Front-End Examples

Cars Demo

Local Storage Demo